"His classical tone is gorgeous, his technique is impeccable, his subtle genre blending is compelling."
~ Guitar Player Magazine

"Rollins' pristine and masterful picking on acoustic and electric guitars is the common thread running through all his work....mesmerizing."
~ Jazziz Magazine

"It's not often that a Latin jazz/flamenco/samba guitarist generates millions of views on YouTube with short instrumental pieces, but Lawson Rollins is used to defying expectations."
~ Guitar World Magazine

Guitarist and composer Lawson Rollins has received worldwide attention through his critically-acclaimed, Billboard Top 10-selling solo albums, multiple Billboard Top 30 jazz radio hits, and eclectic collaborations with other artists from around the globe, including several Grammy Award winners and nominees. His sensational performance videos have been seen by millions of broadcast television and internet viewers, including over 7.5 million on YouTube to date. Lawson's genre-defying sound on the guitar has earned him rave reviews in the media: Guitar Player Magazine states, "He possesses ungodly classical chops, with dazzling speed, uncanny accuracy, and a beautifully delicate touch."

On his albums of original music he has collaborated with a host of Grammy Award winners and nominees, including violinist Charlie Bisharat, iconic Brazilian singer Flora Purim, legendary percussionist Airto Moreira, Cuban drummer Horacio Hernandez, and Persian kamencheh master Kayhan Kalhor, to name a few. His albums have spawned several Billboard Top 30 contemporary jazz radio hits, including "Infinita" from the album INFINITA, "Daybreak" from the album ELEVATION, the Billboard #1 chart-topper, "Moonlight Samba," from ESPIRITO, and "Flight" from Full Circle. Massive radio airplay from his Full Circle album landed Lawson on the Top 100 Artists Of The Year Chart in the contemporary jazz genre by RadioWave, which monitors radio airplay on over 2000 channels. Recently Lawson was asked to serve as 'Celebrity Guest DJ' on the popular Sirius-XM satellite radio channel 'Watercolors' and hosted a one hour show broadcast to 25 million subscribers - listen here.

After releasing 4 highly praised studio albums with his popular guitar duo Young & Rollins between the years 2000 and 2006, Lawson's 2008 debut solo album INFINITA lived up to its name with a far-reaching series of groundbreaking soundscapes. All About Jazz Magazine called the album "a rewarding gem...easily one of the year's best." The guitarist was praised for his compositional skill and soulful virtuosity. Guitar Player Magazine wrote, "Rollins seduces in so many ways that it's almost unfair." ESPIRITO, Rollins' second solo effort, expanded the vision of INFINITA with thirteen compositions that delved deeply into the roots of World Music. Upon its release, The All Music Guide described ESPIRITO as an "extraordinary musical trip...splendidly exotic, infectiously melodic." The 2011 album ELEVATION marked an expressive high point for Lawson as both a composer and performer and broke new ground with an eclectic cast of musicians recorded on-location in Nepal, Iran, and U.S., including avante-garde guitar legend Buckethead, Nepal-based flute master Ruben Kumar Shrestha, Iranian santur virtuoso Pejman Eckhtiari, and many more. Vintage Guitar Magazine wrote, "Even 'world music' seems an inadequate blanket to wrap around what Rollins has created here. But whatever it is, he is a master of it." Lawson's 2013 album FULL CIRCLE offers 12 tightly focused tracks that feature his distinctive guitar work front-and-center, accented by a back drop of world beat rhythms and intimate ensemble instrumentation. Lawson states, "FULL CIRCLE is somewhat of a return to my roots in a sense, with the focus shifting to a sound that is more centered and grounded in the instrument I know best - the nylon string Spanish guitar." The album quickly rose into the Billboard Top 10 World Music chart after it's release (chart here).

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About Lawson Rollins...

Lawson developed a love for the Spanish guitar in his mid-teens when he discovered the recordings of classical guitar maestro, Andres Segovia. He put aside what had been his primary instrument since the age of 8 - the drums - and dedicated himself to learning the music of the great Spanish composers that Segovia popularized. Through private study and with encouragement and inspiration from guitar teachers and master class workshops, Lawson quickly developed his own expressive voice on the guitar and honed an uncommonly dexterous classical fingerstyle technique that he exclusively uses to this day. 

By his early twenties, Lawson's keen sense of rhythm, knack for composition, and love of improvisation led him away from the classical repertoire and in the direction of the rhythmically enticing Spanish folk guitar styles and the improvisational freedom of Latin jazz and South American music. "While studying the classical guitar obsessively in high school I simultaneously discovered Latin jazz through some of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie's playful Latin-infused collaborations. Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan led me to bossa nova and Miles Davis's performance of the "Concierto de Aranjuez" opened my eyes to Spanish-tinged improvisation. Duke Ellington's world-jazz album "The Far East Suite" was also a revelation." Lawson quickly developed his own unique style, a combination of salsa, Latin jazz, blues, samba, bossa nova, flamenco, and classical music, punctuated by his distinctively sparkling technical proficiency.

After graduating with an English major from Duke University and a graduate degree from the London School of Economics, Lawson moved to Washington, D.C. and in 1998 partnered with guitarist Daniel Young to form the genre-busting Latin guitar fusion group Young & Rollins. Shortly after striking up a musical rapport during a chance meeting at a local flamenco guitar shop, the duo began performing on the vibrant local music scene and subsequently released their debut album SALSA FLAMENCA which landed on the Billboard Chart in 2000. Focusing on originality and experimentation, they performed only their own compositions and drew upon an eclectic mixture of salsa, Latin jazz, blues, samba, bossa nova, flamenco, and classical styles, brimming with improvisational flair and the fast-paced interplay between the guitars and the Latin percussion rhythm section. Young & Rollins quickly established themselves on the international music scene through their 3 subsequent studio albums SEVILLA (2001), ESPERANZA (2005), and MOSAIC (2006), and through their widely broadcast televised concerts and extensive live performances as a quintet in venues ranging from the Sydney Opera House to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  In addition to landing on the Billboard Chart, their music has been included on 8 major top-selling compilation albums alongside all the leaders in their genre, including Ottmar Liebert, Strunz & Farah, Jesse Cook, and Armik, among others. The most recent compilation is the 2013 release, Guitar Greats: Best of New Flamenco, Volume 3.

After years spent touring and recording with Young & Rollins, in 2007 Lawson moved to San Francisco to pursue his ambitions as a soloist. "I was friends with Shahin Shahida of the Persian-American world music group Shahin & Sepehr and asked him to collaborate with me on an album that would touch on all the music I was interested in. I envisioned a multi-instrumental, kaleidoscopic sound that would feature unlikely musical pairings and give the ensemble of players plenty of freedom."

Lawson and Shahida enlisted Dominic Camardella - a pianist and platinum-selling producer (Ottmar Liebert, 3rd Force, Flora Purim, Airto) and together the trio co-produced Lawson's debut album as a solo artist, entitled INFINITA. It included an impressive cast featuring Azerbaijani kamancheh virtuoso Imamyar Hassanov, Afghani vocalist Humayun Khan, Grammy winning world/jazz violin player Charlie Bisharat from Shadowfax, bassist Randy Tico, Persian percussion master Pejman Hadadi, drummer Dave Bryant, iconic Brazilian singer Flora Purim, and the legendary percussionist Airto Moreira. The album was released in 2008 to universally rave reviews and placed three singles - the Brazilian flavored "Café Jobim," "In Motion," and the title track - on major jazz and radio airplay charts.

Lawson's follow-up albums to INFINITA entitled FULL CIRCLE, ESPIRITO, and ELEVATION take the guitar on a journey from its roots in India to the rhythms of the New World. The albums showcase an eclectic, all-star ensemble of musicians, singers, and producers from the Middle East, South America, Europe and the United States and feature many of the musicians that made INFINITA so exhilarating, plus some new faces including the Persian kamancheh master Kayhan Kalhor, avante-garde guitar legend Buckethead, and Grammy winning Cuban drummer Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez.

In addition to his solo albums Lawson has recorded guitar-focused videos that have gone viral on the internet and attracted millions of viewers - The Fire Cadenza, Santa Ana Wind, and Locomotion. "The videos were meant to be eye catching and entertaining to watch, but I thought they'd be of interest mostly to fans of highly technical guitar playing," says Lawson. "I never planned to put them on an album; I just wanted to convey the feeling of a certain aspect of my playing." After exceeding 7.5 million views alone on YouTube, the tracks have been made available for sale as digital-only single downloads and come with a .PDF of guitar tabs for guitarists that want to play along, many of whom have posted their own renditions online. About the videos, Guitar Word Magazine states: "It's not often that a Latin jazz/flamenco/samba guitarist generates millions of views on YouTube with short instrumental pieces, but Lawson Rollins is used to defying expectations." Click here to view Lawson's videos.